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    Suggested Reading Order

    This reading order is listed chronologically by date of publication.

    Start at the top if you like to read chronologically; scroll to the bottom if you’d like to read my latest release. For my most popular series, check out Twisted Love first.

    Note #1: If you start with the If Love series, please note it has a different vibe (less intense and spicy, but still steamy) than my more recent works. It is also written in third-person POV; my other series are all in first-person POV. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, I recommend starting with Twisted Love instead.

    Note #2: All Ana Huang books exist in the same universe. However, every series can be read on its own, though they may contain Easter eggs and cameos from other series.

    If Love

    If We Ever Meet Again

    If the Sun Never Sets

    If Love Had a Price

    If We Were Perfect


    Twisted Love

    Twisted Games

    Twisted Hate

    Twisted Lies

    Kings of Sin

    King of Wrath

    King of Pride

    King of Greed

    King of Sloth

    King of Envy

    King of Gluttony

    King of Lust