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    You can find the reading order here.

    Not necessarily. Except for the If Love duet (If We Ever Meet Again and If the Sun Never Sets), all of my books are interconnected standalones so you don’t have to read prior books to understand them.

    That being said, I highly recommend reading the books in a particular series in order for the best experience, as there will be spoilers for previous installments.

    IF LOVE:

    1. If We Ever Meet Again (Blake & Farrah)
    2. If the Sun Never Sets (Blake & Farrah)
    3. If Love Had a Price (Nate & Kris)
    4. If We Were Perfect (Sammy & Olivia)


    1. Twisted Love (Alex & Ava)
    2. Twisted Games (Rhys & Bridget)
    3. Twisted Hate (Josh & Jules)
    4. Twisted Lies (Christian & Stella)


    1. King of Wrath (Dante & Vivian)
    2. King of Pride (Kai & Isabella)
    3. King of Greed (Dominic & Alessandra)
    4. King of Sloth (Xavier & Sloane)
    5. King of Envy (TBD)
    6. King of Gluttony (TBD)
    7. King of Lust (TBD)

    It depends on where you live. My books were acquired by a traditional publisher in the British Commonwealth who took them off Kindle Unlimited in select countries such as Australia. However, the ebook is still available on all major online retailers in those territories, including Amazon, Apple Books, and Kobo.

    If you live in the US, Canada, or another non-Commonwealth territory, these books are available on Kindle Unlimited.

    Note: sometimes, my books are available in KU for a limited time on Amazon UK. This is at my publisher’s discretion; I have no control over the timing or duration. If you see them in KU, I highly recommend downloading ASAP before they’re removed.

    The series was acquired by traditional publishers who use the non-model covers. Therefore, the male model covers have been discontinued in paperback.

    I will occasionally open preorders for them at book conventions, but this is not guaranteed.

    The series have been picked up by traditional publishers, so the indie-published versions are no longer available.

    INDIE – The publisher’s name is listed as either Ana Huang, Boba Press, or independently published. These books are larger (5.5” x 8.5”) and do not have the publisher logo on the spine or back. No longer available in print.

    BLOOM BOOKS – The publisher is listed as Bloom Books or Sourcebooks. These are the SAME size as the indie published version (5.5” x 8.5”) but the covers have the publisher logo on them.

    They also contain the bonus scenes for each book printed right in the paperback so you don’t have to download them online. (If you have a non-Bloom paperback, you can still access the bonus scenes by downloading them here). Available in the US and Canada.

    PIATKUS – The publisher is listed as Piatkus, Little Brown, or Hachette UK. These are SMALLER than the indie-published version and the covers have the publisher logo on them. Available outside North America.

    No. I typically don’t write second-generation stories.

    Not at this time. Maybe one day!

    Yes. You can see the full list of published audiobooks here. You can also subscribe to my audio VIP newsletter for early narrator reveals, first looks at audiobook news, and more.


    Yes. You can see the full list here. It’s constantly being updated, so make sure to check back on a regular basis.


    Are Rhys and Bridget related?

    No. Bridget and Andreas aren’t cousins by blood even though everyone thinks they are (Andreas’s mother cheated on Bridget’s grand-uncle and had an affair with Lord Erhall, who is Andreas’s biological father and not related to the von Aschebergs). Therefore, even though Rhys is Andreas’s half-brother, he and Bridget are not related.

    It’s pronounced like Reese. (Sorry, Rice/Rise fans)!

    I’m terrible at fan casting because 1) I don’t know that many actors, and 2) It’s hard to find real people who look like how I imagine the characters. That being said, I do have Pinterest moodboards for some of my books!


    1. Alex – Scorpio
    2. Ava – Pisces
    3. Rhys – Capricorn
    4. Bridget – Aquarius
    5. Josh – Leo
    6. Jules – Leo
    7. Christian – Gemini
    8. Stella – Libra


    1. Dante – Aries
    2. Vivian – Libra
    3. Kai – Virgo
    4. Isabella – Sagittarius
    5. Dominic – Capricorn
    6. Alessandra – Taurus
    7. Xavier – Taurus
    8. Sloane – Virgo

    I haven’t decided on the If Love signs yet.

    Not in the published books or released bonus scenes, but if they did have a child, it’d be a boy : )

    Dante first, then Alex, then Christian.

    Yes, she helped with his proposal. This was originally a scene in Twisted Lies, but I cut it because the book was already quite long.


    You can find my next release and its release date here.

    Everywhere! Real life, movies, music, quotes, art…anything and everything can be inspiration.

    It’s dependent on the book and my mood. But I’m a morning person and always write better early in the day with a hot beverage in hand. I usually put my phone in another room so I’m not distracted and listen to’s focus music while writing.

    I skeleton draft, so my goal for the first draft is to get to the end as quickly as possible. If there are certain scenes or words I’m stuck on, I insert a placeholder and fill it in later. I do this until I have a complete draft (it usually takes three to five passes) and then I send it to my alpha/beta readers, editors, and proofreader.

    For newer authors, I recommend the Creative Penn podcast, as well as the Alessandra Torre Inkers Facebook group. They have a wealth of information on everything from craft and marketing to publishing and running an author business.

    Some quick tips from me: know your genre/reader expectations (ex: romances always have an HEA. If there’s no HEA, it’s not a genre romance), invest in a good cover designer and editor, and find the intersection of what you love and what the market wants.



    Don’t make me choose!

    Mystery/crime/thrillers (especially psychological thrillers) and fantasy.


    Traveling. I have an incurable case of wanderlust and try to travel to a different country every year (world circumstances permitting).

    I also love crossword puzzles and, as strange as this might sound, taking courses on business, craft, and marketing. I hoard courses the way some people hoard candy.


    You can preorder signed copies of my upcoming books from the Strand. You can also get your books signed at one of my upcoming signings.

    For a list of licensed vendors selling Ana Huang merch, click here.

    Please email with your request.

    You can find a list of all the signings I’m confirmed to attend on the Events page.

    Hopefully one day!

    My permanent ARC team is closed for the foreseeable future.